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Abstract Pop Art

The Abstract of the PopArt movement

There are a number of artists who created abstract pop art. This type of popart has transcended individual artists, and has ranged across the decades through a number of mediums.

There have also been a number of abstract sculptures over the years, which have been displayed prominently. What is strange about abstract pop art is that it crosses boundaries and is not easily defined.

As popart was born of clear and common imagery, to abstract it from it's form and present it in a different way became a common theme over the last few decades. There are some incredible artists out there who have completed this very well. You could argue that andy warhol existed in the abstract as did a number of other pop artists. The truth is there are a number of abstract expresions within popart, on this page we have selected some of them.

Many of the bold colors seen in these paintings have been borrowed from older images and styles - Pablo Picasso being one of the main orginators of the abstract movement.

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