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There are many Pop Art images that are memorable, cool and funky. This page gives you a range that you may wish to investigate furtherAndy Warhol Self Portrait

Andy Warhol, as an image is a striking one, the self portrait to the right is a strong image that pop artists have replicated many times over, indeed Warhol himself used the same concept a number of times.

Although not the first on the pop art scene, he was the man who is best remembered for the paintings we all know and love.

He also pioneered the mass produced silk screen process, which revolutionised art and even the public's perception of art.  

If you wish to look at a range of Warhol works in our gallery then please click here.

Other incredible images include the works of Roy Lichtenstein such as his wonderful 'Drowing Girl'Roy Lichtenstein Drowning Girl

There are many things that make this image so cool, so evocative. It really does encapsulate what Lichtenstein was trying to achieve when he used strong comic like pictures to create masterpieces.

This image also has a desperation about it, which makes you want to dive in and save the girl.

For more Roy Lichtenstein images, click here to visit our dedicated Lictenstein pages

This really is a great picture.

The next image that I wish to present return us to Andy Warhol.

The most famous of the Warhol works, among many, are the Campbells Soup Can and is multiple images of celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley (his painting Eight Elvis's sold for a cool $100 million!)

If you want to find out more, please use the links below...

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Campbells soup box
There are a range of other classic Warhol images such as the Campbell's soup can to the right.  This really does summarise the quality of what Warhol was able to achieve.

He used everyday objects and pictures, taken from advertising and created something very special indeed from them.

There are a range of images created of this. Many more of these can be found on our dedicated Andy Warhol Pages.

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One final image I would like to share with you is the classic Wham image below by Roy Lichtenstein. A bright and incredible picture by one of the greatest, using it's comic book style to create a bold statement...

Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art Wham

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