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ATTENTION ARTISTS -  New area to our Pop Art site - FREE Poduct and Artist listings on this site for the first 10 artists!!


Are you an aspiring independent Pop Artist?  Would you like to sell your art online, but had enough of seller fees or ebay?  Well, we think we have the solution for you...

For the first 10 Pop Artists we are willing to list your profile and paintings for FREE - no charge, no seller fee - all so we can launch this area successfully.  This will not change for those 10 independent artists, it will remain free as long as they wish to advertise *.

Simply send up to four images of paintings (in web size - less that 100kb) and a brief description of yourself and what type of art you produce - the supports you use, the medium etc.  Try to keep this below 300 words.

Also, remember to include your location and general price of  your art - including shipping (potential clients will then email you for more details of paintings on offer)  

We will create for you a separate page to list your pop art right here on the site. There will be no fee, as this is the start of our new 'Home grown pop artist' part to the site.

The thousands of people who visit this site every month from around the world, will hopefully like your art work and will contact us - at which point we will give you their email address, and can arrange to sell your Pop Art directly to them! Easy.

We will aim to build your profile page within 7 days of contact, once you reveive confimation that we will list your Pop Art.

*please note this offer is not available to large scale producers/printers of pop art and only independent individual artists. Pop Art Expert reserves the right to remove any artist profile listing at any time.

Email us your info and contact to:   popartex@pop-art-expert.com

We really can't wait to see your Pop Art and list your profile right here on the site.

Any questions, just email us...  We look forward to hearing from you.

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