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Pop Art Studio?

Software and Advice for Your Own Pop Art...

Pop Art is an art movement which arrose from the consumerism of the middle of the 20th Century.  There have been a range of Pop Art studios out there. There is also a range of software that can help you create a studio of your own.

 It took popular culture, icons, adverts, comics and images and turned, twisted, changed and edited many parts of these popular images.

Often using many different types of materials, new printing techniques and a range of paint styles, it set new trends across the 3 main decades of its popularity; the 1960s, 1970's and 1980s. The movement today spans the globe, but predominantly started in Britain and America in the late 1950's as the post war consumer boom began. Popart is not just Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, although they were incredibly important, it is far more than that, and delves within the underlying point of our culture at all. Art reflecting life at the rawest point, analysing the point of it all and artists asking the questions of philosophers.

Pop Art was very bold in style and used incredible colours, patterns and iconography in its creation. One such creation was Jasper Johns American Flag created in 1957.

Jasper Johns Pop Art American Flag

Questions posed by Pop Art images are often about the reasons why we apply such importance to things, objects, new products etc.  Pop Art coincided with a number of other popular art movements including abstract expressionism during the 20th century.

There are a number of reasons Pop Art remains popular today and they centre mainly around the quality of the images and the approaches people take to their daily lives.

On this site you will find a wide range of resources and information about those pop art artists, movements and pictures, as well as a number of links to suppliers, should you want to buy some amazing pop art for your wall.

Have a look below for our top Pop Art Software recommendations. Any or all of them are suitable for creating great color contrasts, brightening and poster effects. There are a wide range of how to videos on your tube, most of them centre around Photoshop, but not all.

Link through to the products below for more details...

Number 1 - Photoshop Elements 8

The absolute top level of home photo editing, for all your Pop Art needs, reproduce high quality prints or as a base for painting - you can't go wrong.

Photoshop video below...

Number 2 - Corel Paint Shop Phot Pro x3

Pop Art Software that is very close to the number one, at a competitive price.

Number 3 - Corel Paintshop Pro Photo X2 - Fantastic power, but often at a price - will do everything you need it to - quite user friendly. The range of effects on offer approaches the mighty photoshop.

Number 4 - Photo Explosion Deluxe 4.0 - Cheap and cheerful photo editing software. Excellent Value with some good effects. You could do worse at this price point, lots of easy to use features.

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